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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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this is it every news line from girl in a mail bomb of this or geisha is still in its early stages the f.b.i. reminds the public to stay vigilant as investigators research track down the suspect or suspects behind a string of mail bombs going or sept and across the nation the targets problem democrats and news outlets c.n.n. were in the u.s. also coming up ukrainian filmmaker only accent software seems at this year's sackcloth prize for human rights awarded annually by european lawmakers who
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describe him as a prisoner of conscience is in jail in russia after being convicted on terror charges and current gradually shows madam president to sell their exotic becomes ethiopia's first ever female head of state it's a largely ceremonial post under appointment is seen by women there as a symbolic grade through. the heart thank you so much for your company everyone but we begin this broadcast with a growing search in the u.s. for a suspected mill bomber that the f.b.i. has just said is still in its early stages parcel bombs have been sent to a string of president trump's opponents over the past few days more suspicious packages have been discovered today that makes a total of at least ten intercepted across the country so far here's
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a look now at the scope of the investigation starting in new york. early morning in manhattan the n.y.p.d. responding to yet another pipe bomb the target the owner of this restaurant actor robert de niro an outspoken critic of president donald trump. new york's mack confirms the package matched others across the country this is clearly an effort to terrorize people politically to choose people for political purposes and attack them because of their beliefs later in the day the secret service says intercepted two more packages postal centers and delaware addressed to former vice president joe biden. other targets include x. at the tree of state hillary clinton and former president barack obama.
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the devices were all mailed in padded envelopes with six stamps the bombs described as crude by experts at a wednesday rally in wisconsin trump blamed the media and said of sympathizing with those targeted. the media also has a responsibility to set a civil tongue and to stop the endless hostility and constant negative and oftentimes false attacks and stories have to do. that film a cia director john brennan to whom another bomb was sent set trumps rhetoric is to blame. unfortunately i think all trump too often has a pope to incite some of these feelings of. anger not violence but when he points to acts of violence or also talks about you know swinging at somebody from the press to the media. with the political climate charged ahead of midterm
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elections security services are racing to find the mailbomb. all right abby quite a son is in new york city and try becca she joins us from outside actor robert de niro's restaurant and as we heard that's where one of the latest devices was discovered abuja the investigation as the authorities just told us is still in its early stages do you know do we know any more about who may be behind these devices . in the early stages that's right lay a lot of the officials when they came out new york police commissioner actually the first thing that he said was new yorkers are safe and there is no credible information at this point that there are further packages that they know about so that's a major piece of information that's come through at this press conference at n.y.p.d. headquarters in terms of suspects they have not named anyone specifically or any
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group specifically in that press conference we do know they're looking for potentially one or more of these serial bombers there have been ten packages as you heard in that report that have been sent out none of them have been detonated but they are saying that there's no further credible source that information that would suggest that there are further packages out there but they're ask you to yorkers and americans to remain vigilant they're asking anyone with any information to report it to the authorities as soon as possible ala abbi what more do we know about the actual devices themselves. now according to the f.b.i. was regard to the devices they're saying they're all of a little slightly different but they're rudimentary in nature so they're not very sophisticated but they are functional so that they were meant to explode or detonate luckily though none of the ten did do that when they were either delivered or intercepted by the secret service or out of mail facility what we do know are the intended recipient some of them are democratic heavyweights like hillary
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clinton the obama joe biden earlier today there were two packages that were intercepted in delaware that were intended to reach him but that that it didn't make it through waters and also democratic representative had to sent towards her the common link here is these are people who have been critical of the president politicians that have been critical of the president i'm standing right now in front of iraq's rock hall owned by actor robert de niro he has also been critical of the president long before president trump took office and so there was a package that was delivered here earlier and the early this morning that package was picked up by the bomb squad and transported to the bronx it's now in the hands of the at the for investigation because a son that reporting from a new york thank you so much shopping. let's go now to do me a correspondent to safin simone's in the washington d.c. for an overview of where things stand now on a national level stuff on
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a first a search is underway for the person or people believed to be behind this what are some of the leads that federal investigators are chasing. well there's one specific leads that makes investigators look specifically to florida. but i can't give you any more details but that but i can tell you that this is a domestic terrorism investigation and that is significant because that also determines that for example the f.b.i. and to terrorism. unit or department is leading this investigation and that as the president said yesterday. the entire government did tire ferdie of the government and all the agencies who could be possibly involved in this to getting this are involved in so there's significant manpower and money spent in finding out who those people or who is the person who's selling those packages right now stephanie with a bomb like devices being mailed to a vocal critics of president trump as well as major news outlets a c.n.n.
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how is the white house reacted. well the white house has not reacted at all actually we have i think the verdict is out that everybody is pretty much fairly disappointed by president trump. he said yesterday what he had to say that some of the presidential was presidential but he kept it at a bare minimum went on to a campaign event and then started to blame the press again for the situation we're in right now i don't see that anybody of the commentators pundits or the political washington here is in a position to say that that's ok to the contrary the president is now in states now accused of having squandered another chance to actually take the lead to bring the political discourse to a better state year and the country together as he has asked for the country to do yesterday. all right stuff and see monsour reporting from washington d.c.
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thank you very much for your continued coverage. staying it with the united states the pentagon is expected to send at least eight hundred troops to the country's border with mexico earlier president trump announced on twitter that he is bringing out the military to block a caravan of thousands of migrants trekking north from central america through mexico trump says they're harboring gang members and quote middle easterners claim for which he admits he has no proof but the men women and children on the move say they're fleeing danger back home. they set off in darkness because when the day heats up their trip becomes even more difficult the goal is to travel forty kilometers a day heading north towards the u.s. where they hope for a new and better life. we started on our journey because the situation in our country is unbearable. it's
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a message they carry with them for the world to see the violence poverty and intolerable living conditions in their home country make the trek to the u.s. the only alternative. hunter as is known to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world with the highest murder rate. at home mario was a bus driver terrorized by criminals he received death threats. just leave it to me but if i had to leave gangsters at home target bus drivers last monday they almost killed me because i barely escaped with my life in. mario is traveling with his sister a driver stops helping to make their journey a bit easier mario doesn't want to be an illegal immigrant he wants to apply for asylum in the u.s. but he is aware the trump doesn't want him to give you
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a little pay hurts it's humiliating but we're still moving on god gives us strength fighters. were told when the caravan arrives at one of the checkpoints supposed to stop migrants from travelling to the us border the mexican authorities allow them to pass unhindered. later however the police forbid private drivers from carrying migrants mexico is conflicted between its own open migration policy and u.s. political pressure. because i know you're mexican and i feel for them we have to support them. not just as barely able to stand to do the heat but the mother from guatemala will not give up the journey is nothing compared to what she left at home. with nothing not all of the area where i live is so dangerous i can't even leave the house every day someone is murdered when it will come to that yet you. shortly before the town of my pasta pack where they planned
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to spend the night villagers distribute food and water a small moment of relief for the seven thousand weary migrants before the unknown challenges ahead. are you up to speed on some of the other stories making news around the world. in norway nato has begun its largest military exercises since the end of the cold war some fifty thousand soldiers and ten thousand vehicles for more than thirty countries are taking part there so cyrus simulates a defensive response to an attack by an adversary moscow is describing the maneuvers as anti russian. the eldest son of murdered saudi journalist has reportedly flown out of saudi arabia. seen here meeting members of the saudi royal family holds dual u.s. saudi citizenship but he's been under a travel ban saudi prosecutors are now describing the killing of his father inside
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the saudi consulate in istanbul as a pre meditated crime at least eighteen jordanian students and their teachers on a school trip have been killed in a flash flood near the dead sea over thirty were rescued but others from the group who are missing officials say the death toll is likely to rise if. the european union has awarded its top human rights prize to a ukrainian filmmaker imprisoned in a russia says twenty fifteen all expense off was jailed for conspiring to commit acts of terrorism charges he denies russia has described the use decision to give him the award as absolutely politicised. a legs and self as one of the most vocal critics of russia's involvement in ukraine and it's an extension of his native crimea the forty two year old filmmaker was on hunger
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strike until just recently refusing food for one hundred forty five days a protest to demand the release of all ukrainian prisoners held by russia. announcing sense of as the award recipient the head of the european parliament praised his courage and determination. but you know by awarding him this prize the european parliament is expressing its solidarity with him and his cause we demand that all the exit solve he was arrested in twenty fourteen and sentenced to twenty years in prison be immediately released russia's annexation of the ukrainian territory of crimea in twenty fourteen triggered sanctions from the e.u. moscow dismissed the decision to give the prize to sense of as russophobe it or putting it that is saying it. the decision was absolutely politicized and i don't know what it was based on or motivated by. but she don't
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even need to understand the mechanism of how this decision was made to see that it was based on a political approach the. ocean being in others like me kind of coping at it or dishing despite this reaction from the russian government human rights groups they are still feeling optimistic. because it's going to look so very he's relieved sense of does not belong in jail and has not created a cry it's one of the key cases of political manipulation of the justices in russia to t.v. he does nor do more behind the ball. the. sense of family and supporters hope the prize will lift his spirits and raise awareness of all political prisoners in russia and around the worlds. what
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to say now about an important breakthrough in ethiopia where the parliament has sworn in the country's first woman president it comes just days after lawmakers approved one of the world's few gender balance cabinets reformers are hoping the changes at the top will be an important step toward building a more equal and prosperous society. ethiopia's first female president gets an enthusiastic welcome from members of parliament sal works out days an experienced diplomat she's expected to serve two six year terms as head of state for the east african country home to the continent's second biggest population it's a largely ceremonial post but the new president wants to use it to champion gender equality she believes it's the key to the country's future prosperity when you sit with your ng my presidency my main focus will be to maintain peace by mobilizing
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the women of. peace loving men and all the peaceful peoples of the world. earlier this month ethiopia's prime minister ahmed appointed a new cabinet half its members are women female ministers now oversee the crucial defense trade and industry portfolios it's a fundamental change for impoverished ethiopia where domestic violence remains widespread and polygamy persists in some areas and activists say it will take more than just changes at the top to bring about a more equal society women's political participation to me as well as beyond a cabinet positions its participation at all levels and the participation of women who have never been in politics before women as voters women as candidates women as members of civil society and opinion makers women in media all of this works towards women's meaningful women's political participation ethiopians are hoping
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their new look leaders like newly sworn in president south they can lay the foundations for political reform and a brighter future. all right steve is here with the biz than a drill to wall street from tesla that's right little wall street doing very well today after stocks took a hammering yesterday positive earnings reports are driving the trading including from tesla which is back in the black for the first time in two years the production ramp up for its model three saw the u.s. electric car maker post a net profit of three hundred eleven million dollars in the last quarter calling shareholders nervous production of the model three had been delayed by technical and logistical problems while tesla has been marred by controversy involving c.e.o. a long musk. our financial correspondent court is joining us now with a view from wall street to tesla's numbers finally boost his long term outlook in the eyes of investors well it's probably too early to tell wall street
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to kind of knew what was coming already two days ago when. that the numbers will come out actually earlier than originally expected and to wall street was well aware that this can only mean that you know one must get some pretty good news for investors one reason why we saw the biggest profit so far in tesla's history might also have been that some payments to suppliers have been delayed if that really should be the case that could mean that their future profit could get distracted a bit but for now at least wall street was cheering the stock was up for a third consecutive day and just on thursday we saw the stock jumping by a good nine percent. now it was just one of several earnings reports that this sort of boosted the market today did these quarterly reports really have anything to do
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with the broader realities in the market reaction to them i'm sorry the market reaction to them not a little bit overblown focusing on the short term reports. well what we definitely see that we see huge reactions after those earnings reports that came before the downside like advanced micro devices for example the maker disappointed was numbers and the stock got hammered by fifteen percent on the other side twitter came in with better numbers than the stock jumped fifteen percent if you have swings like that you can tell that the market is still jumpy and nervous but what those earnings also often show and that's what investors really want to know how do terrorists impact their numbers how does the stronger dollar impact their numbers how do interest rates actually have an impact on that for example. what tariffs doing to go surname so there is a correlation between the earnings reports from current from corporate america and what is going on in the in the real and in the political world. so
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a broader snapshot there. there for us in new york thank you yes korda. the global outlook for economic growth is darkening and political turmoil in italy looms large over the eurozone and the spike is the european central bank will continue to phase out its unprecedented stimulus measures the e.c.b. confirming today that its two point six trillion euro asset purchasing program will in this year and that interest rates could rise after next summer president mario draghi says the central bank still sees risks to the eurozone as broadly balanced as for the eve spat with italy over its. drug he says officials didn't discuss the matter widely and that he personally hopes both sides can find a solution. on the spain were taxi drivers have claimed a victory over app based ride sharing services like in a close vote the spanish parliament set a ratio of ride sharing vehicles to traditional taxis with more favor being given to the latter companies like over say there's still
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a silver lining. was celebrations erupt even a tear of joy as shed taxi drivers gathered outside spain's parliament as the vote was brought to the floor. spanish lawmakers gave the kevvy is what they had waited for a resolution regulating based right hailing services in four years time only one right hailing the call will be permitted thirty taxis. own separate today the first stone has been laid and from now on to gether we will begin to build the foundations of a taxi service that nobody will knock down in any court of law rather than bad of any group because of the new law comes close to a cease fire agreement spain has proven to be a fraught market for the sharing economy with regulators often backing traditional
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businesses still the disrupters keep trying their luck. what the decree says is that over the next four years nothing can be done right helling services cannot be touched and therefore we have four years over which we can work peacefully in addition to the extension provided by the ministry of transport so it's good news because above all jobs are being protected. issuing new licenses will be left to local authorities who will ultimately be responsible for integrating internet platforms like over and into spain's economy. saudi arabia will become a new partner in the russia china investment fund the news came at the end of riyadh's investment conference which dozens of western business and political leaders boycotted after the killing of a saudi journalist riyadh is said to contribute half a billion dollars to the fund raising the total capital under management to two and a half billion dollars the russia china fund was founded six years ago and focuses on major infrastructure and tourism projects that connect the two countries. so
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thinking about starting a business remember location location location just as russian entrepreneur. who had a special idea for his ice cream business he put the entire production line on the moscow towers observation deck and that's three hundred thirty meters above ground is a whole getting the equipment up there he says but worth it just island i screen is now recognized as having russia's highest altitude production line and that's not a bad role for customers either. back to live with more news from icy treats to fast feet another reason to love russia through a fence is that right see right now russia has been getting used to life without the world cup since the turn around and back in july but while most fans who visit the country over the summer have gone back home one south american supporter loved to his time there so much that he doesn't want to leave. a
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peruvian party the russian world cup this summer. south american football fans journeyed across the globe in their thousands to support their teams at the tournament and when the curtains closed most of them journeyed back but peruvian giovanni falcon couldn't get enough of russia and so he's decided to stay. there we go here we. are the people who they say one. thing this child is for me. both you here means you can't remember where europe meets asia where peru met france back in june with his final id from the tournament falcon is in total to stay in russia until the thirty first of december after that he'll need a russian work permit and for that he needs a job but if all goes to plan the newest peruvian in town is planning to make himself
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a permanent part of the world cup's local liquor city. are now in motor sport the spanish rally is under way and things got shaky for championship leader. in the early stages of the event this rally is the only mixed surface event of the season meaning part asphalt and part gravel and villa crashed while turning a corner a bit too fast leaving his vehicle resting on its roof thankfully the belgian and his co-driver walked away from the wreckage unscathed feels their closest rival sebastiaan orgy of france opposed it the first time of the day. rescue crews in northwest china received an unusual call for help when workers at a hydro power station in gansu province discovered a brown bear trap in the rushing water while local wildlife managers are believe
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the bear climbed down from a nearby mountain and likely fell into the plastic reservoir after a tense six hour operation. crews were able to lift out the barrier the rescue team could then use an excavator to transfer it to a kid which ever turned him to the wilderness. all's well that ends well i'm before i let you go reminder of our main headline this hour u.s. investigators are hunting for a suspected serial male bomber they were poorly focusing their probe on the u.s. state of florida. and that does it for me thank you so much for spending this part of your day.
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country international concho journalists discuss the topic of the week. from certain things including us not to the decades old nuclear arms control agreement with russia the u.s. leader accuses moscow of going to late in the treaty how will russia responded doesn't do cool now lie ahead played out in full freedom. quadriga sixty minutes on d w.
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i know nothing at the gym well i guess sometimes i am but i stand nothing when peter jennings thinks deep into the german culture of looking at the stereotype cracks in here think the future of the country that i now live. yet you did seem ridiculous grama they are to me it's all that ok. i'm rachel join me to meet the germans on the w. . post. first to you. first clueless. and then he sure is grand the moment arrives joint direct attack on the journey. you know or an interest to turn him into. an orangutan returns home.
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is going to. help my managers to know who to day nothing would change you know the banks. and so was the language of the bank mitt romney. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. ten devices multiple targets two of them former u.s. presidents intelligence services say the suspicious packages sent to high profile critics of president donald trump were not a hoax what they don't know are there more and who is behind them this as president donald trump it's out at the u.s. media angry at speculation over a political motive on leyla iraq in berlin and this is the day.


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